Hometune Pre Purchase Inspection

Vehicle servicing can be a pain.  But our partner, Hometune, makes keeping your car healthy as painless as possible with their fleet of mobile mechanics, up-front menu pricing and outstanding customer service from booking to billing.

Hometune offers outstanding pricing on all its services as well as the convenience of their mobile service. 



Recommended every 6 months or 5000kms

Standard Vehicles



European Vehicles






every 12 months or 10,000kms

Standard Vehicles



European Vehicles



Ultimate Service

Comprehensive Service + Hydrogen Carbon Clean

Standard Vehicles



European Vehicles



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In short, YES!  Servicing your vehicle is vital to avoid costly problems down the track.

Keep your warranty valid - most mechanical warranties require regular servicing to keep the warranty valid.  Failure to service your vehicle risks making your policy vvoid and effectively pouring the money spent on a warranty down the drain.

Better performance and fuel economy - regular servicing provides returns both on the road and at the pump by improving engine performance through clear air filters and new oil.

Fix a small problem before it becomes a big one - ensure any small issues can be addressed before they cause other damage which can cost a huge amount to fix.  For example a cambelt usually costs around $600 to replace, but if it is left, and fails, it can blow the whole engine, which will likely cost thousands to fix or replace.

Safety - regular maintenance will ensure brake pads, suspension, wiper blades, tyre treads and other important safety items are on point. 

Resale value - used vehicle purchasers always want to know about a car's service history.  Failure to maintain your vehicle may save money now but will bite at sale time when buyers are wary.




Hometune takes the pain out of vehicle servicing so it's not the chore you think it is.

They come to you - you don't even need to leave the house!  Hometune can complete vehicle servicing at your home, work, or anywhere else that is convenient for you, provided it is safe for Hometune's technicians.

No surprises - Hometune provides up-front menu pricing for standard servicing and any other work will be quoted for your approval before they start, so you know exactly what you're committing to.

Pragmatic and practical - where a mechanical fault or issue is discovered, Hometune will guide you as to what work to prioritise and recommended timeframes so that you can spread the cost while ensuring your car remains safe and sound.

Experienced mechanics - Hometune prides itself on using experienced mechanics and prioritising regular training for all staff to ensure its people remain up to date with the latest tecnhology and diagnostic techniques.  

MTA Assured - Hometune is an MTA Assured Repairer, meaning Hometune is committed to MTA's Code of Ethics.

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Hometune Pre Purchase Inspection




Need repairs done?  No Problem! As well as servicing, Hometune's team of experienced mechanics can complete comprehensive and complex auto repairs throughout Auckland.

Hometune is experienced in all makes and models of vehicles and employs the latest tools and technology to ensure any faults are properly diagnosed and resolved, quickly and completely.

Many repairs can be completed anywhere, but if the job requires workshop equipment or will take a little longer, Hometune can take the car to their Penrose Service and Diagnosis Centre.  Courtesy cars are available.  

Hometune has a "no surprises" policy and before any work is undertaken, your technician will undertake a thorough check up and provide complete details of work that needs to be done, with options to suit your budget.  Once work is complete, you will receive a follow-up report outlining what has been done. 




Ready to book?  Sweet As!

Simply fill out a booking form here and Hometune will contact you to arrange a time and place for your service or mechanical requirements.

Payment can be made by credit card, bank deposit or cash for your convenience. 

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Please note that servicing through Hometune is currently only available in the Auckland area.  If you are looking for servicing outside Auckland, contact us and we can help you find another provider.