If there's one thing you do before buying a used car, make it this:  Get a Vehicle Check.  Checking the vehicle's history is the easiest way to avoid a world of pain down the track. 

We've all heard the horror stories of people finding the car of their dreams, paying the money and then a week later having a repossession agent on their doorstep.  We don't want this to happen to you.

That's why we have teamed up with Checka, one of New Zealand's leading vehicle report providers, to ensure our customers don't get landed with a stolen, financed or damaged vehicle. 

Tootsweet Vehicle Report

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Heaps!  The Checka Full Check covers off the vehicle details, history, fuel economy, safety features and rating, mileage, WOF status and more.  This info helps you answer these important questions:  

Is it stolen?

What are your chances of getting $ out of the person who has sold you a stolen car?

Is the vehicle stolen?

Is it damaged?

While damaged cars have to pass a WOF, who knows what lies beneath, and this status could make it hard to sell the vehicle later on 

Is it a damaged import?

Who owns it?

You don't want to be stuck in the middle of an ownership stoush. Checka can check the seller is legit

Does the seller own the car?

Is there $ owing?

If there is $ owing, the car could be repossessed if the previous owner stops paying. 

Is there money owing?

Has it been Deregistered?

Dereg can be a red flag for having been written off or involved in a police matter affecting saleability and value

Has it been deregistered?

Current WOF?

It is a requirement for all cars to have a WOF less than 28 days old when sold.  Make sure this is the case with your car

Does it have a current WOF?

Genuine mileage?

You don't want a 100,000km car with 200,000km problems. The Checka report will check if the mileage is fishy

Does it have a dodgy speedo?

Correct details?

Is it really 4WD, NZ new and has ABS? The report covers all the vehicle details so you know what you're buying 

Are the details correct?


So you've agreed on price and paid the money - don't find you now need to pay hundreds more to get it road legal

Is there Reg or RUCs outstanding?




Checka is one of New Zealand's leading specialist vehicle report providers, offering comprehensive vehicle information to individuals and car dealers.

Checka obtains its data direct and in real time from New Zealand Transport Agency, and the New Zealand Companies Office (Personal Property Securities Register).


Checka reports are easy to read and understand, with any potential problems clearly flagged.

The Checka Full Check comes with free Purchase Agreement and Change of Ownership which can be processed in a matter of minutes - so you can be on the road TOOTSWEET (rather than in a line at the Post Office).  




Ownership Check

Check the seller is who they say they are with Checka's FREE ownership check. 


Unlike others in the market, this report is independent of the full check so you can run this before paying for the full check. 

You'll just need the seller's name and drivers licence details. 

Full Check

A Full Check is the only way to cover all the bases:

  • Vehicle details 

  • Ownership history and plate history

  • Import history

  • WOF / Registration / RUCs status

  • Odometer readings

  • Stolen vehicle check

  • Money owing check

  • Fuel economy

  • Government safety rating


now what?

Not all warnings or flags on a vehicle need be fatal to the deal.  But knowledge is power.  Knowing an issue is there gives you a starting point for further investigation, or in some cases, negotiation.

  • Money owing:  The Vehicle check will show if there is money owing, and if so, to whom.  This means you can check with the finance company that arrangements for repaying the debt have been made and that the financing statement will be lifted.  In some cases this could mean you pay the finance company some or all of the purchase price directly.

  • Inconsistent odometer:  Odometer issues are picked up via WOF records.  Mileages are recorded at every WOF check and if the mileage is lower than a previous record, it will be flagged in the system.  However, in some cases the issue arises when the mileage is recorded.  Previous WOF check sheets can often be obtained and the error corrected, so if this is the case, insist the seller does this before you commit to anything. 

  • Damaged vehicle:  Yes, damaged or written off vehicles from overseas can be imported to New Zealand, repaired and sold.  Of course, these vehicles have to be compliant and pass a WOF prior to registration, but the effects of some types of damage (e.g. water damage) can be difficult to pick up in these checks.  If you are looking at a damaged vehicle it is vital you undertake your own investigations to feel comfortable with the quality of the vehicle you are buying.  Inherent defects at the time of purchase will not be covered by a mechanical warranty or any other insurance.  You also need to consider the effect on value this status has on the vehicle when you come to sell. 


Not sure about something else appearing in your Vehicle Check?  Contact us to discuss and we will try and point you in the right direction to get you on the road TOOTSWEET.