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1. Send us the Deets

Fill out our simple online form to tell us about your car and send us some pictures 

2. Get Offers

Let us do the hard work getting you the best price from our network of car dealers

3. Sell your Car

Choose the best offer.  We'll connect you with the buyer to arrange payment and collection.



Here's the best bit:  it's free.  We charge our dealers a small commission on each vehicle but there is no cost to buyers for our services.  

The only costs you will incur are those to get your car sale-ready, which are usually a requirement on private sales too:  new WOF, current registration and up-to-date RUCs.  We will outline all of these requirements in all of our emails to you so there are no surprises.


Why should I sell my car with Tootsweet?

It's pretty simple:  you get more money when your car is offered to more people.  Instead of trying to negotiate a "trade-in" price with a single dealer where they hold all the power, we help you get dealers to compete for your car, without you having to leave the house.  This means you can go ahead and buy from anyone - a dealer or a private seller, knowing you've achieved the best price possible for your old car.

What is the process?

We want the process to be quick and easy for sellers. 

  1. Just fill out your car details using our online form, upload some photos, and hit send. 

  2. Your car gets sent out to our network of car dealers, who know they are competing with other dealers on price and service, ensuring you get the best deal.

  3. Once we receive offers we will send them to you for you to consider.  This usually takes 24-48 hours.

  4. Once you have decided whether to accept offers, just let us know and we will make a time to come and view the car and confirm arrangements for payment/collection.

Is Tootsweet buying my car? 

No - our role is to show your car to as many dealers as possible to ensure you get the best possible price.  We then put you in touch with the dealer who has offered you your preferred deal.

Does it cost me to use Tootsweet? 

No!  Tootle is free for sellers - we don't charge for valuation or for selling your car. 

How do I know you're getting me a good price?

By sending your car out to multiple dealers, we give you the best chance to get the best price.  As a general rule, you should expect to get more through Tootsweet than from a single dealer as a trade-in, but slightly less than you would get from a private sale.  This is because 'wholesale' prices need to leave a margin for a dealer to cover their costs, their risk and deliver a profit on sale.  Also, dealer sales are covered by the Consumer Guarantees Act, while private sales are not, so buyers are generally willing to pay more to purchase from a dealer. 

Is the price offered guaranteed?

Our prices are subject to viewing the vehicle and are less the cost of any reconditioning required, so we will need to arrange a time to view the car and check your preferred timing for sale.  

What is 'reconditioning'?

Reconditioning costs are the costs the dealer will need to incur to prepare a car for sale.  These include paint and panel, upholstery or plastic repairs, glazing, outstanding servicing etc. 

How long are offers open for?

Our dealer offers are open from 2 weeks, unless otherwise indicated.  This gives you time to go and find your new car before having to hand over your old one. 

My car is pretty old, can you still sell it?

We don't have age or mileage restrictions, however, we cannot guarantee being able to find a price for every vehicle.  Some very expensive or very cheap cars can be difficult to place, depending on the details of the car and the market at the time.  However, we will always be up front with you about this and suggest other options to help you sell.

I still have money owing on my car, is this a problem?

No, this is not a problem - dealers will generally be able to deal direct with your finance company to repay the outstanding loan and then pay you the balance. 

What do I need to arrange before sale?

Just the same things you would need to provide if you were selling privately:

  1. A new WOF (less than 28 days old)

  2. Up to date registration (at least 1 month)

  3. Up to date RUCs (at least 250km)

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to sell

Time is money. Trading your car is the fastest and easiest way to get cash now without the admin

Quick and easy

If you are looking for a new car and need time to find it, we can hold your price for 2 weeks

Flexible sale date

We don't want to waste your time or ours.  That's why we price first so we're all on the same page from the get-go.

No tyre-kickers

Dealers are competing for your car so offer best price up front. We can provide a market comparison for your peace of mind

No awkward negotiations

Unlike trading your car with a dealer, all Tootsweet services stand alone so you're not locked into buying anything else from us

No obligation to buy

Our dealers know cars.  Because of this they know what we're looking at and don't get hung up on the little things  

Deal with experts


No problem!  If you want to try and sell your car privately, Tootsweet can help there too - check out how you can sell your car privately, Tootsweet, by adding the availability of our services to your listing.