Just list it and they will come, right?  It's not always that easy!  Around 40% of private classifieds on Trade Me at any time have been listed for more than 30 days.

While you're spending your weekends watching your inbox, cleaning your car or waiting for test drivers, you might be watching your dream car drive off into the sunset... 

At Tootsweet, we can provide all the services buyers need to buy your car quickly, simply and safely.  All you need to do is tell them!



Sweet Seller

Simply add our services to your listing to help make it easy for buyers to buy your car. It takes 2 minutes to add our details and it's completely free.

Sweet Seller

Sweeter Seller

Really stand out from the rest by getting a Pre-Purchase Inspection before you list - an inspection is a great sales tool and qualifies your car for a mechanical warranty - just let buyers know in your listing along with availability of our other services.  

Sweeter Seller

Sweetest Seller

Go the whole hog and include a mechanical warranty in the sale price of your vehicle to put your car on par with dealer listings. No payment required until the vehicle is sold so no cost to you until then.

Sweetest Seller




At Tootsweet we want to make it is as easy and painless as possible to sell your car privately, by making it as easy and painless as possible for people to buy your car privately.

We do this by allowing you to offer a suite of dealer services to your potential buyers which make it easier and safer to buy your car.  

Buying from a Dealer


Costs More:  Pay a price premium to cover dealer's risk, overheads and advertising costs.

Consumer Protection:  If the purchase is for private (i.e. not business) use, it is covered by the Consumer Guarantees Act and Fair Trading Act.

Dealer liable (maybe):  If something goes wrong with the car within a reasonable period after sale the dealer may have to fix it or take the car back.  Rule of thumb is said to be 3 months but depends what is 'reasonable'?

Dealer controls repair:  The dealer can choose how the car is repaired and who by in most cases.

Dealer dispute resolution: If something goes wrong and the dealer won't pay, the buyer has to take it to the Motor Vehicles Disputes Tribunal for resolution. 


Finance availableBuyers can arrange finance through the dealer, but often at exorbitant rates. 

Trade-in (with strings attached): Buyers can trade-in their old car, but this is generally only available if you're buying from the same dealer.

Paperwork:  Generally dealers will take care of the paperwork - sale agreement, change of ownership etc.


The other stuff:  Some dealers offer a range of other services like servicing, inspections and vehicle checks.


(Trustworthy?) advice:  Dealers are always happy to give advice - but when they're interested in the deal, how do buyers know what to listen to.

Buying Privately


Costs Less:  Pay a lower price to reflect that the seller is not taking on risk and incurring costs to sell.


No Protection:  The purchase is not covered by consumer law so there is little or no comeback against the seller if something goes wrong. 

Buyer liable:  If something goes wrong with the car one day, one week, one month after purchase, the buyer is stuck with the car and the repair bills, with no little or no comeback on the seller unless they can prove misrepresentation.

Buyer controls repair, and pays:  The buyer can control repairs - because they're paying!

Disputes Tribunal (maybe):  If something was not as described, buyers can try their luck in the Disputes Tribunal - but there are no guarantees.

Finance (maybe):  Buyers have to source finance, which is not always available on private vehicles.


Sell first, buy later (if you can still get it):  Buyers have to sell their old car before they can buy a new one, or finance the difference (incurring interest and fees).

What paperwork?  Many people don't bother with sale agreements and change of ownership means a trip to the post office.


No extras: Buyers wanting checks, inspections and servicing will have to sort these themselves, with multiple providers.

On your own:  Buyers are really alone in the wilderness buying privately - no experts to turn to (even self-interested ones) for such a significant purchase.

Buying with Tootsweet

Costs Less: Get the price advantage of buying privately but with dealer services available. 


Protection available: Both private and business buyers can purchase a mechanical warranty to protect against unforeseen mechanical issues.

With warranty - insurer liable: 12, 24 and 36 month policies - so coverage is generally longer than  CGA and buyers know where they stand, no arguing over whether it is 'reasonable' to expect the dealer to pay.

Buyer controls repair:  Policy-holder can use Autosure-approved repairers and controls the process.

No dispute resolution needed (but it's there, just in case): No fighting for coverage with a warranty.  But if there is a dispute, free dispute resolution available. 

Finance available:  Finance available on most private vehicles.  Pre-approval transferrable. 

Trade-in (no strings attached):  Buyers can sell their old car to Tootsweet's network of dealers, without buying anything else from us. 

Paperwork, done:  Tootsweet will take care of the paperwork for any of our finance, warranty or trade-in customers. 

All the extras: Tootsweet can help with inspections, vehicle checks and ongoing servicing, with one call.


Trustworthy advice:  We aren't selling cars, so we can give independent, trustworthy advice about buying and selling cars based on years of experience.





If you would like to become a Sweet, Sweeter or Sweetest seller and let Tootsweet help you sell your car, just send us some deets and we'll be in touch.

Thanks! We will be in touch shortly :)