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Our relationships with multiple trusted lenders means we have finance options to suit a wide range of personal circumstances.  We work hard to secure the best rates and terms for you. 

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We have options to help with second chance credit, from 16.95%



We can finance private or dealer sales, pre-approval is transferrable


Lowest rates (from 8.95%), no deposit and flexible terms available


We can lend up to the term of your visa with negotiable deposit



If you're a learner with stable work and ok credit, we can help

any purchase stage

Whether you have found your dream car or haven't started looking, we can help.  

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Know how much you can borrow before you shop.

Understand what the repayments will be at various prices. 

Purchase as soon as you find a car - don't risk missing out while you wait for finance. 

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Complete our easy 5 minute online application form, or apply over the phone 

Once approved, we'll let you know the amount approved, rate, indicative repayments and anything else we need from you


When you've found a car, we'll send you loan documents to sign and return to us

A little bit of paperwork

Once we have all the paperwork, we can pay out, usually the next working day. 


We pay, drive away



We cater to a wide range of customers and credit types.  If you answer yes to the following, let's talk.

18 years or older?

Hold a current Drivers Licence?

NZ Citizen, Resident or hold a current Work Visa?

Working full or part time, earning more than $550 per week?

Not currently bankrupt?


What do I need to make an application?

The application process takes around 5-10 minutes to complete and requires:

  • Personal and contact details;
  • Details of the car you want to buy (if known); and
  • Details of your current income, assets and liabilities.

I have poor credit history, can I still apply for finance?

Yes! We work with lenders who specialise in providing finance to customers with limited or poor credit history. Whether finance is available will depend on the particular circumstances including the amount and type of default(s), when they occurred, the efforts made to repay, any amounts still outstanding.

Will my credit be checked?

Yes, if you apply for finance a credit check will be undertaken. Individual finance companies may also run PPSR, fines, driver licence and payment history checks.

What are your interest rates?

Our interest rates start at 9.95%. The availability of this rate will depend on your credit profile, the amount and term of the loan. We will advise you of the interest rate that applies when pre-approval is granted.

Do I need a deposit?

In many cases no, however any cash contribution you make towards the purchase of your vehicle will reduce your payments and the total interest payable. Generally a deposit will be required if you are on a work visa, are seeking a large loan or have limited credit history (for example if you have been overseas for a long time). We will let you know if a deposit is required, and why, when approval is granted.

I haven't found a car yet, should I still apply now?

Yes, if you are looking for a car and want to know how much you can borrow or what the payments are likely to be, apply now to get pre-approved before you start shopping.

How quickly will my loan be approved?

If we receive your application during working hours, we will do our best to provide an answer within two hours. For applications outside of working hours, we aim to respond early the next working day.

When will my loan be paid out?

Once we have signed loan documentation and any other information we need from you, your loan will be paid out that day or the next working day, depending on the time the information is received (same day payout cut-off is 12.00noon).

Can I pay off my loan early?

Yes. Early repayment fees may apply - these vary depending on lender and are set out in your Loan Agreement. Feel free to contact us to discuss further.

Why do I need to provide bank statements?

In most cases, finance companies will ask to review 3 months' recent bank statements before a loan can be paid out. This is to check that the income disclosed in the application is what is actually being received. Finance companies will also consider anything else in bank statements that might suggest a loan is unaffordable for a particular customer - undisclosed loan repayments, large cash withdrawals, signs of regular gambling etc.

I am not working, can I get finance?

It is difficult to secure finance when a customer's sole income is a benefit, as the application will generally not meet affordability criteria. However, if you have a full or restricted license, good credit history and low fixed expenses, we may be able to help, please contact us to discuss further.

I am on a Learner Licence, can I get finance?

Yes - we have lenders who specialise in finance for learner licenses. However, there are a couple of things to note. Firstly, interest rates are higher for learner licenses, so if you are in a position to get your restricted before you get finance, you will save money. Secondly, credit criteria is stricter for learners - you will need to be in full time permanent employment (or self-employed with proof of income) with reasonable credit history.

Why is credit criteria more strict for learners?

The reason finance companies impose stricter criteria and higher rates for learner licences is that there is a greater risk for them. Learner drivers are less experienced and therefore more likely to be involved in an accident. There is also a risk that if the driver is in breach of his/her license conditions, If for some reason the driver allows their insurance to lapse, or if there is a shortfall between

How do I apply?

You can apply online here, by phone on 0800 866 879 or request a paper form to complete and return to us by email.

I am on on an International Licence, can I get finance?

If you have been in New Zealand for more than 6 months, and are still driving on an international licence, you may be required to obtain a non-conditioned New Zealand drivers licence before you can obtain car finance. This is because it is a legal requirement to convert to an NZ licence after 12 months.

I am on a Work Visa, can I get finance?

Yes, generally finance will be available to customers in New Zealand on a work visa. However, the loan term must not exceed the length of your visa (so if you have 2 years left on your visa, you would need to repay the loan over 24 months), and a deposit will generally be required. Feel free to contact us to discuss further.



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