Your one stop shop for everything you need when you're buying or selling a used car.




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phrase "tout de suite", which means "all at once"

or "straight away", "in a hurry". 

We thought this summed us up pretty nicely - we aim to provide all the services private car buyers and sellers need, in one place,

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Need to sell fast to buy your next car?  Listed your car and no bites?  We want to help you sell your car as quickly and as painlessly as possible. 


We have two options:  We can place your car with one of our network of dealers, or,  if you want to sell privately, we help you sell faster by making it quick, simple and safe for anyone to buy your car:

  • The money, honey - we can provide finance to your potential buyer, with no drama over it being a private sale.

  • We can protect your buyer - many people avoid buying privately due to the lack of any consumer protection - our comprehensive pre-purchase inspections (that come to you!), reports, warranties and insurance reduce the risks for private buyers, opening up your market to a whole lot more people.

  • We can 'trade' cars - another reason people might not buy a car privately is that they have a car to sell and want to trade it in.  We remove this barrier - we can offer their car to hundreds of dealers so your buyer is free to buy from you!

  • We look after your buyer - we provide the after-sales service you would expect from a top dealer - advice, car-care tips, service reminders and offers to keep their car in great nick. 

It is absolutely free to add the availability of our services to your vehicle listing.  Or, you can go the whole hog and sell your car with an inspection and/or warranty included.  




We get it, buying a car is stressful.  Pushy salespeople, viewings, sorting finance and insurance, selling your old car, worrying - is it a lemon? 


At Tootsweet, we eliminate the hassle and worry of buying a used car by providing all the services you need to buy your next car quickly, simply and safely.

  • The money, honey - we can finance your new car, at great rates, with our fast application process for your convenience.

  • We can protect you - buying a used car privately can be risky, with no consumer protection if something goes wrong.  We help you protect yourself with our comprehensive pre-purchase inspections (mobile, so easy to arrange with the seller), reports, warranties and car insurance.

  • We can trade your car - have a car to sell?  If you need the money before you buy or if you don't want the hassle of selling it yourself, let us appraise it for you the same way a dealer would a trade-in, without the obligation to buy anything from us.

  • We look after you and your car - we help you look after your investment with mobile servicing through our trusted partner, advice, car-care tips and offers to keep your car in great nick.  

Choose any or all of the Tootsweet services, however you choose to buy your car.  We specialise in private sales but our services are available for dealer sales as well. 





TOOTSWEET is a family owned business founded by father / daughter duo John Pickford and Sarah Fitchett.  

John owned two Toyota franchises for 20 years and has worked in the motor industry throughout his working life.  He has a passion for cars, and in particular motorsport.  He owns an Historic Reynard Formula Ford, which he races during the summer season.  Sarah is a former lawyer and mother to two pre-schoolers, Emma and Sophie. 

Sarah and John began working together in 2015 in another business, Epic Cars, an independent used car retailer.  It was in operating this business that the idea behind Tootsweet was born.  Sarah explains: “We sold a couple of cars last year which ended up having fairly significant, but hidden, mechanical issues.  They came out of left field – the cars were less than 10 years old and had travelled around 100,000kms – not the age or mileage you would expect to have problems with.  As a dealer, of course we ensured the issues were resolved at our cost, which ran into the thousands of dollars.  However, this experience got us thinking – if this is happening to us, what is happening to people buying privately, where they might not know what to look for, and where there is no consumer protection?”


The original idea to offer mechanical warranties to private purchasers (in order to protect them in the absence of Consumer Guarantees Act coverage) soon grew to include the full range of services now offered by Tootsweet, and all used car purchasers.

John's knowledge and experience in the motor industry has helped Tootsweet secure relationships with its market-leading partners.  Sarah's position as an 'outsider' has helped them understand why customers can find buying and selling a car so stressful and how Tootsweet can make this process quicker, safer and simpler while still allowing customers to get the best deal.